Well known newspaper columnist and author, Benjamin Law has promoted the raping of anyone who dares to speak out against the same-sex marriage agenda.

Less than two weeks before Law was scheduled to begin his extensive speaking tour following today's release of his contribution to the Quarterly Essay: Moral Panic 101: Equality, Acceptance and the Safe Schools Scandal, Law posted this vulgar, hate-filled tweet:


"In the Quarterly Essay, Law promotes gender bending theory being forced into our schools through radical sex education programs," Coalition for Marriage spokesman, Lyle Shelton said today.

"In this vulgar and violent tweet, Law continues to promote the use of force to get his agenda through. 

"Obviously schools are fair game for the rainbow agenda, as are MPs.  Is anyone allowed to object?" Mr Shelton queried.

The tweet gives reasonable cause for all to question the hidden agenda of the radicals left’s push for same-sex marriage – aptly described by Senator Cory Bernardi as ‘ a rainbow Trojan horse for getting these sort of programs in schools.'

"It is frightening to think that the LGBTIQ same-sex marriage movement is led by the likes of Law who is 'wondering' about raping male and female members of parliament to further the cause of the LBGTIQ same-sex marriage movement," Mr Shelton said.

"It is disturbing that the publishers of Quarterly Essay, who also publish The Saturday Paper, believe that Law is qualified to speak about the wellbeing of children in our schools," he concluded.