Meet Canadian father, Steve Tourloukis.  Mr Tourloukis lost his right to have a say in whether his children were taught radical LGBTIQ sex and gender programs in school.

Following the legalisation of same-sex marriage in Canada, the Ontario school board introduced new policies for “equity and inclusive education” in schools, requiring all policies, guidelines, procedures and practices in schools to be “anti-homophobic and anti-heterosexist."  These policies also required teachers to “assume responsibility for examining and taking steps to modify personal beliefs and biases that are inconsistent with equity and inclusive education principles.”

In 2010, in light of these new policies, Mr Tourloukis asked the school for advanced notice of when LGBTIQ ideology would be taught to his children, then aged four and six.  The school refused, and Mr Tourloukis began a six-year court battle in which he ultimately lost his right to exclude his kids from materials which opposed their beliefs.

In the commercial, Mr Tourloukis says:

I realise how naïve I was back in those days, but you wouldn’t think that two men or two women getting married would have such a profound effect on the education system, but I assure you that it has.

Mr Tourloukis said that the lawyer opposing his application told the Court that, in this era of same-sex marriage, tolerance was not enough:

She said that all students, including my Christian children, should be required to celebrate homosexuality.

Coalition for Marriage spokesman, Lyle Shelton, said that Mr Tourloukis’ fight demonstrates the real battle for parents after same-sex marriage is legalised. 

“Despite promises that nothing will change, the rights of parents to make choices about when and to what extent their kids are exposed to gay sex and gender theory is restricted,” he said.

“In countries where same-sex marriage has been legalised, parents have lost their right to have a say in what their kids are taught.

“This is a direct consequence of the change in marriage law.  Once you take gender out of marriage, you take it out of the classroom.

“We have already seen the Victorian government push for mandatory, radical LGBTIQ sex and gender education in all public schools, and groups like the Safe Schools Coalition instructing principals to ignore the concerns of parents about these programs.  This will only get worse if the law on marriage is changed; parents will lose their right to object.

“Australian parents can stand up against these radical programs being forced upon their kids by voting ‘no.’”

You can view a longer version of Mr Tourloukis’ story here.