Millions of Australians are still yet to vote on the future of marriage and the Coalition for Marriage will continue to fight for every last vote. 

“More and more Australians are coming to understand that saying ‘yes’ to gay marriage means saying ‘yes’ to radical gay sex and gender programs in schools, and saying ‘no’ to freedom of speech and freedom of faith,” said Coalition for Marriage spokesman Lyle Shelton.

“We are extremely grateful for the contribution of the millions of Australians who have supported our campaign so far. Our incredible volunteers have achieved so much and their energy and spirits remain high. They continue to conduct themselves with integrity, even in the face of intimidation, threats and abuse.

“There are still millions of Australians who are yet to vote in this survey and there are a lot of people we need to reach. If they, like so many others, are tired of the bullying tactics of the ‘yes’ camp, then they should make sure they vote ‘no’ and return their ballots as soon as possible.

“Our campaign continues at full speed. We are going for every last vote,” he concluded.