The Coalition for Marriage has backed a petition by former NRL player Tony Wall to keep rainbow ideology out of this Sunday’s Grand Final. 

“Australian sports fans just want to watch the footy without being force-fed LGBTIQ messages at the game,” Coalition for Marriage spokesman, David Goodwin said today.

“Sport is something that unites all Australians, so it is pretty bizarre that the NRL would choose to use its half-time entertainment to push a message which it knows millions of Australians disagree with.

“It’s one thing to let either side of the debate advertise during the finals, it’s a completely different thing to embed same-sex marriage advocacy as an official statement: whether it be half-time entertainment in the form of an LGBTI ‘anthem,’ the changing of logos or otherwise.

“They need to focus on being a game for Australian families not a PC lecture theatre.

“I’ll be signing Tony Wall’s petition to ask Todd Greenberg to let people wear their team colours, and wave their team’s flag – and not the rainbow one – this weekend. I reckon other Australian sports fans should do the same.

“Not everything needs to be about same-sex marriage,” he concluded.