Australians who want to vote ‘no’ in the marriage postal plebiscite have again been told their views don’t matter, this time by ACT Senator Katy Gallagher. 

Ignoring the real concerns of millions of Australians, Senator Gallagher wrote that there were “no reasonable or rational arguments” to vote against changing the Marriage Act.

“Senator Gallagher’s comments reflect how out of touch the elite are to the concerns of ordinary Australians who have genuine questions about the consequences of changing the Marriage Act,” Coalition for Marriage spokesman Damian Wyld said.

“The message from Senator Gallagher and others seeking to silence the voices of millions of Australians is clear: you have no right to express your views because your freedom of speech counts for nothing to those pushing for marriage redefinition.

“What does Senator Gallagher mean when she says ‘there are no reasonable or rational arguments’ to oppose removing the gender diversity requirement from the Marriage Act?

“The dismissive comments from Senator Gallagher will give little comfort to parents who are concerned with the controversial ‘Safe Schools’ gender theory being taught to their children and which has been made compulsory in other countries which have enforced same-sex marriage.

“Freedom of speech, freedom of religion and Safe Schools are a package-deal that comes with redefining marriage. Asking questions about what changes to the law might mean for Australian families is not only reasonable and rational, it is a fundamental right.”