The Coalition for Marriage said polling revealed in the Australian demonstrated a significant shift in support against same sex marriage. 

“These results reflect what we are seeing and hearing on the ground, on social media, on talk back radio, and in the newspaper. This debate has shifted to a question of consequence. When the public consider the question of changing the marriage act, it all comes down to consequences,” said Coalition for Marriage spokesman Lyle Shelton.

“We have been overwhelmed with calls and emails from people all over Australia who are concerned about how same sex marriage will impact on schools, freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

“In the small number of countries where marriage has been redefined, precious freedoms have been lost. Aussie mums and dads are concerned, and so they should be.”

“All we have is a promise from certain politicians that we need to trust them. Andother politicians are openly saying that they will not support protections of speech and faith.

“The research clearly identifies the level of concern amongst mums and dads about what impact changing the marriage act will have in their kids’ classroom. We have already seen overseas that parents are losing the right to say no, as governments enshrine radical LGBTIQ sex and gender programs in the classroom.

“The reality is that support for gay marriage has never been what the yes campaign has claimed. Australians are supportive of a fair go, they are supportive of equal treatment under the law. However, this support does extend to a loss of free speech or the right to practice your faith. And it certainly does not extend to losing control of what their kids are exposed to at school.

“We are encouraging everyone to have a conversation with their families, friends and neighbours – it’s ok to say no,” he concluded.