The Coalition for Marriage has called on the Member for Goldstein, the Hon. Tim Wilson MP, to explain comments made by him and quoted in the Quarterly Essay by Benjamin Law. 

Released today, the Quarterly Essay is a spirited defence of the controversial Safe Schools program, which introduced radical gender ideology into schools under the guise of anti-bullying.

In the essay, Law quotes Tim Wilson, then Human Rights Commissioner, chastising Safe Schools co- founder Roz Ward over her criticism of the Catholic Church’s distribution of the Don’t Mess with Marriage booklet to parents of children in Catholic schools. The booklet is the same one that saw Hobart Archbishop Julian Porteous dragged to the Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Commission by LGBTI activists.

Law quotes Wilson as saying at the time:

“If the objective of the program was to actually get all students protected from bullying by getting information and education into all schools not just state schools then going out there and creating problems with Catholic schools was running contrary to that objective.

“By his own words, Tim Wilson has said the intention is to have Safe Schools in all schools, including Catholic schools,” said Coalition for Marriage spokeswoman, Monica Doumit.

“Mr Wilson sought to bring Ms Ward into line because he realised that by attacking the ability of Catholic schools to talk about Catholic teaching on sexuality, she was revealing the true agenda of the creators of Safe Schools and similar programs: to have radical LGBTIQ sex and gender education in all schools.

“By entering the same-sex marriage debate, Ms Ward was jeopardising the ability for others to argue that same-sex marriage and Safe Schools are unrelated, and Mr Wilson knew it.

“Mr Wilson needs to explain whether it is still the objective of Safe Schools advocates to see it in all schools, including faith-based schools.

“Australian parents deserve an answer, and will no longer accept platitudes of ‘don’t worry, you can trust us’ coming from politicians,” Ms Doumit concluded.