The pressure placed on the Royal Australian College of General Practice to publicly back a change to the Marriage Act was another example of the intolerance of ‘yes’ campaigners towards opposing views, the Coalition for Marriage said today.

The RACGP came under pressure to throw its support behind same-sex marriage after initially deciding to remain neutral on the subject, and so reversed its position over the long weekend.

“Neutrality is not enough for same-sex marriage advocates; they demand compliance,” Coalition for Marriage spokeswoman Monica Doumit.

“The pressure to bow to the rainbow agenda knows no bounds; in this case, ideology has usurped the supposed neutrality of science. It’s simply staggering.

“If this is what is happening now, what will happen if the law changes? Will doctors be allowed to resist the gender ideology which is part of the package deal of same-sex marriage? The backflip forced upon the RACGP seems to indicate that doctors won’t be allowed to say ‘no’ without risking their professional standing,” Ms Doumit said.

Dr Pansy Lai, who had yes’ campaigners petition for her medical license to be withdrawn after she appeared in a television commercial for Coalition for Marriage expressed surprise and disappointment at the speed at which RACGP altered its neutral stance.

“I really respected the RACGP for maintaining a neutral stance since the beginning. As RACGP said to Australian Doctor, it has 35000 members coming from a diverse background and it was right not to have made a representative statement on behalf of its membership seeing that it had not surveyed the opinions of its members,” Dr Lai said.

“It's extraordinary that the bullying of the Yes campaign managed to make the RACGP change its well-considered, respectful and thoughtful neutral stance just three days after it being reported,” Dr Lai said.

“The Australian Doctor reported RACGP's neutral stance on the Friday before the long weekend. It changed its stance and sent an email out to every member on the public holiday Monday night at 10pm. Most doctors would not have been to work over the weekend and would not have read the initial report, much less respond to it!

“This is like Coopers all over again. No one is allowed to maintain a neutral stance on same-sex marriage,” Dr Lai said.

Dr Lai also commented on the false assumption that opposition to same-sex marriage equated with a desire to treat people unequally.

“’Yes’ campaigners are doing the LGBTI community a disservice by saying to them that every time someone disagrees with them, they are being homophobic and hateful and questioning their worth.

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“This is simply not the case.

“’No’ voters are genuinely worried about the consequences of changing the Marriage Act. We are concerned that it will create a society that is more unequal with less freedom.

“We genuinely respect the LGBTI community, and we respect them enough to discuss the consequences of the proposed change, because we all need to know what we are voting for,” she concluded.