Self-proclaimed LGBTIQ activist, Safe Schools advocate and GetUp! gay marriage campaign director, Sally Rugg, has today confirmed the hidden agenda behind the ’yes’ campaign. 

Responding to concerns raised by Senator Eric Abetz on the consequences for children’s sex education if marriage was redefined, including – as revealed in the latest Coalition for Marriage television commercial – requiring children below the age of consent to role play being in a same-sex relationship, Rugg tweeted:


“Rugg’s theory that kids who are still going through puberty and coming to grips with the idea of sexuality cannot be influenced by roleplaying being in same-sex relationships, and instead must be gay, is ridiculous. These types of radical ideas are just a taste of what is to come through the radical sex education programs that LGBTIQ activists plan to implement in schools across the country, once same-sex marriage is redefined,” said Coalition for Marriage spokesman, Lyle Shelton.

“First, they tried to tell parents that the same-sex relationship role-playing isn’t part of Safe Schools, which proved to be false because it is an activity for Year 7 kids in the All of Us Resource. Then, they tried to tell parents that these programs aren’t linked to the redefinition of marriage, but then the marriage campaign director from the well-funded and highly-politicised GetUp! comes out in defence of the program, and now they’re telling parents: ‘it’s okay, your kid is probably gay anyway and these programs are just bringing it out of them.’

“This confirms what the ‘yes’ campaign have been denying all along - that without question there is a direct connection between changing the Marriage Act and enshrining the radical Safe Schools program and that they are fine with that.

“This type of sex and gender ideology is incredibly confusing to young people and pushes a radical sexual agenda that promotes homosexuality/ pansexuality/ bisexuality and the notion that being sexually active at their age is the norm.

“Australian parents should be very concerned if this gender ideology is not thrown out of our classrooms and kept out of our Marriage Act.

“If we care for our kids, we will say ‘no’ to gender ideology wherever it rears its ugly head: in the classroom, in activist medical clinics and in the Marriage Act.

“Australians have been left with no choice, they must say no,” Mr Shelton concluded.