Statements today from ACT Education Minister Yvette Berry confirmed every parent’s fear about the effect of gay marriage on their children’s education, the Coalition for Marriage said today. 

Minister Berry issued a warning to all Canberra schools against encouraging a ‘no’ vote while also announcing the upcoming launch of the ACT’s answer to Safe Schools.

“In a single statement, Minister Berry has confirmed every parent’s fears about the introduction of same-sex marriage,” Coalition for Marriage spokesman Lyle Shelton said today.

“Minister Berry has told schools that teaching that marriage is between a man and a woman is no longer allowed, even without the law changing.

“Minister Berry has essentially said that same-sex marriage is only one view of marriage permitted to be taught in classrooms or communicated to parents.

“Faith-based schools are already being warned about what they say about marriage. This will only get worse if the law changes.
“After firing a warning shot to faith-based schools about what they say on marriage, the Minister then proceeded to talk about Safe Schools, showing that same-sex marriage and radical LGBTIQ sex and gender education is a package deal.

“If the law changes, there will be no ability of parents to have a say in what their kids get taught, even in private schools. Parents need to heed this warning and vote ‘no’,” Mr Shelton concluded.