Comments made by New Zealand Labour MP and senior same-sex marriage activist, Louisa Wall, have confirmed the fears of every Australian of faith concerned about the consequences of a redefinition of marriage on their freedoms, the Coalition for Marriage said today.  

Ms Wall proposed New Zealand's same-sex marriage bill which passed by a conscience vote in Parliament in 2013.

In a brazen interview with an Australian blog, Ms Wall slammed the Catholic Church in Australia for endorsing the ‘No’ campaign, calling the Church’s involvement in the campaign “disgusting.”.

“We know that the redefinition of marriage has consequences for freedoms, including the freedom of religion,” Coalition for Marriage spokeswoman, Sophie York said today.

“Here we have a New Zealand MP, the architect of the same-sex marriage laws in that country, arguing that faith groups should not be permitted to advocate for their own teaching on marriage.

“This is what happens when the marriage law changes: activists in Parliament and in other places seek to silence opposing viewpoints, even from faith-based groups who have taught the same thing about marriage for thousands of years.

“These kinds of bullying and intimidation tactics will continue if Australia votes ‘yes’. They said our speech will be protected. They say our religion will be protected. But what have seen in countries that have legalised same sex marriage, like New Zealand, Canada and the UK, is the exact opposite,” continued Ms York.

“In this interview, Ms Wall has confirmed the fears of every Australian man and woman of faith.

“Rather than stopping, they will use the backing of the law against anyone who opposes redefining marriage.

“These are the consequences of this debate. Disagreement will not be tolerated; dissent will not be tolerated; free speech is shut down.

“We are asking Australians to stand up to the bullies. We are asking Australians to use their ‘no’ vote to tell activists that this type of threatening language has no place in Australia.

“Every Australian should have the freedom to voice an opinion, live their faith and protect their kids,” she concluded.