Coalition for Marriage echoes former Prime Minister John Howard’s concerns that the Government is asking the Australian people to write a blank cheque in respect to their kids and their freedoms. 

In a statement made today, Mr Howard outlined the legitimate consequences that arise out of changing a fundamental social institution, urging the Government to address these concerns before the Australian people are asked to make a decision. Mr Howard said:

“This issue must be addressed before the survey is completed; leaving it as something to be taken up only in the event of a Yes vote prevailing is the equivalent of saying that it does not matter. If a Yes vote is recorded there will be overwhelming pressure to “move on”, legislate as quickly as possible, and then put the issue behind parliament. There will be scant opportunity for serious consideration of protections in the areas I have cited. Very likely, those raising such matters will be met with a chorus of putdowns, and accused of attempting to frustrate the verdict of the people.”

“It’s unfair to ask Australians to write a blank cheque when it comes to their kids and their freedoms,” said Coalition for Marriage spokesman, Lyle Shelton.

John Howard is right - same-sex marriage will not be the end of the debate. We have this confirmed now by many leading figures from the ‘no’campaign, the Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, the Shadow Attorney-General, Mark Dreyfuss, Alex Greenwich and Senator Janet Rice.

We have heard from thousands of parents that are concerned about their rights as radical LGBTIQ sex and gender education classes become more widespread and even compulsory.

“The Australian people deserve to be fully informed on what they are voting for - before they vote. A ‘just trust us’ simply isn’t good enough,” concluded Mr Shelton.