It is incumbent upon Opposition Leader Bill Shorten MP to defend the freedom of speech of all Australians after unions threatened to sabotage the plebiscite process by refusing to deliver any mail coming out of the ‘no’ campaign. 

The Daily Telegraph reported today that the Communications, Electrical and Plumbing Union is planning to censor any direct mail materials produced by member organisations of the Coalition for Marriage that the union deems offensive.

Same-sex marriage activists were becoming increasingly brazen in their attacks on free speech, Monica Doumit, spokeswoman for the Coalition for Marriage, said today.

“This is another attack on free speech,” Miss Doumit said. “While we have come to expect these tactics from same-sex marriage activists, the shameless lengths to which they will go to prevent debate continue to surprise.

“Whether it is trying to push same-sex marriage legislation through Parliament without a people’s vote, taking legal action to prevent the voice of the people being heard, the refusal of advertising agencies to work with us or even the manipulation of mail, same-sex marriage activists will stop at nothing to ensure only one side of the debate is heard.

“After attacking the right to or ability of Australians to have a debate on marriage, Bill Shorten needs to speak up in defence of the freedom of speech. It is incumbent upon him to pull his union buddies into line.

“All Australians have a right to a say and also a right to be informed of the consequences of redefining marriage,” she concluded.