Quarterly Essay author and gay marriage advocate Benjamin Law has called for radical LGBTIQ sex and gender program, Safe Schools, to be compulsory. 

Law concludes his essay by saying:

“Victorian Labor MPs are right: Safe Schools should be implemented in every school.”

Coalition for Marriage spokesman Dr David van Gend said that Law’s proposal clearly demonstrates that those who advocate for the program are discontent with its optional nature and will, as activists have done in other countries, push for its mandatory inclusion in all schools.

“Advocates of Safe Schools and similar, radical LGBTIQ sex and gender education programs need to be honest with Australian parents,” Dr van Gend said.

“Law spends much of the Quarterly Essay trying to dismiss parental concerns over Safe Schools as irrational and homophobic, and an overreaction to an optional program, and then sneaks in a throwaway line about his desire to see the program become compulsory, which is a direct attack on parental rights.”

Law goes further to assert that parents might not be best placed to determine what is in the best interests of their children.

He states:

“Here’s the uncomfortable reality: parents don’t always know best.”

“It’s time for these same-sex marriage and Safe Schools activists to be transparent about their real intentions; which is to use same-sex marriage as a precursor to radical LGBTIQ sex and gender education in schools, and to deny parents the right to have a say in what’s best for their kids.

“Australian parents deserve to know what they are voting for,” he concluded.