The interception of a package containing white powder and addressed to the Australian Christian Lobby offices is yet another example of the threats to freedom of speech which come with the debate over redefining marriage, the Coalition for Marriage said today. 

In recent weeks, there was a “call to arms” by a same-sex marriage activist, encouraging people to send noxious substances to the Australian Christian Lobby offices. This call was acted upon this week, with Australia Post offices forced into lockdown after receiving such a package.

“The lengths the same-sex marriage movement are willing to go to disrupt and intimidate any dissenting voices in the lead up to the postal marriage plebiscite are disappointing, but unsurprising, Coalition for Marriage spokeswoman Sophie York said today.

“It seems that activists will stop at nothing even inciting illegal and potentially dangerous behaviour to intimidate one side of this debate into silence.

“If this is already happening, how much more emboldened will activists feel once the law is on their side? Does anyone think that these kinds of bullying and intimidation tactics will stop if they vote ‘yes’? Rather than stopping, they will use the backing of the law against anyone who opposes redefining marriage.

These are the consequences of this debate. Disagreement will not be tolerated; dissent will not be tolerated; free speech is shut down.

“We are asking Australians to stand up to the bullies. We are asking Australians to use their ‘no’ vote to tell activists that this type of threatening behaviour has no place in Australia.

Every Australian should have the freedom to voice an opinion, live their faith and protect their kids”, she concluded.