The Coalition for Marriage calls on leaders in the ‘yes’ campaign to be honest with the Australian people about the intentions of their supporters when it comes to free speech. 

Despite adamant and repeated claims by leading same-sex marriage advocates that freedom of speech is not a risk, this week a contractor has been sacked after expressing their view that it’s ok to say no,” said Coalition for Marriage spokeswoman, Monica Doumit.

“Today’s report indicates that there is an appetite on the part of ‘yes’ campaigners not only to silence, but punish, those who disagree.

“This won’t stop if the law changes. On the contrary, same-sex marriage activists will feel emboldened by the change in law and seek out dissenters for ruin. We’ve seen it happen overseas, and you would have to be very naïve to think it wouldn’t happen here.”

Only yesterday Christine Forster rejected the idea that making gay marriage legal would lead to laws against free speech. Ms Forster told Sky News that there is nothing about changing same-sex marriage laws to allow same-sex couples to marry that will have any impact whatsoever on people’s ability to speak freely about their religion and their beliefs.”

Yet this morning someone doesn’t have a job because they expressed their view. This morning, a family’s livelihood is gone because of the radical left’s agenda to silence those who don’t agree,” said Ms Doumit.

“These are the lengths activists will go to shut down any conversation or debate around same-sex marriage. If this doesn’t prove the real agenda behind same-sex marriage proponents, I don’t know what will.

If same sex marriage becomes law anyone who disagrees with gay marriage could face similar situations or worse.

“Australians are left with no other option but to vote no,” concluded Ms Doumit.