The consequences to changing the Marriage Act will be the central focus when the Coalition for Marriage officially launches its national campaign tomorrow night in Sydney. 

Coalition for Marriage spokeswoman Sophie York said changing the Marriage Act would affect all Australians, their families and communities.

“Many parents are concerned about their rights as radical gay sex and gender education classes become more widespread and even compulsory.

“Changing our marriage laws also gives license to activists who will weaponise anti-discrimination laws to target those who hold to the current definition of marriage.

“Leaders in the gay marriage movement have already sought to use anti-discrimination commissions to target religious figures who have spoken out against same-sex marriage.

“The impact on freedom of speech and religious freedom, if the law is changed, will be significant. This is our chance to finally have a say about the future of marriage.” Ms York said.

Included amongst the speakers at the launch will be Sophie York, Senator Cory Bernardi, Senator the Hon Matt Canavan, Lucy Wicks MP, Lyle Shelton and Damian Wyld.