Coalition for Marriage calls on leading same-sex marriage advocates Christine Forster and Senator Janet Rice to get the ‘yes’ campaign’s story straight and stop fooling the Australian public. 

Within 24 hours, Ms Forster and Senator Rice made completely contradictory statements as to whether removing gender from marriage came with consequences,” said Coalition for Marriage spokesman Lyle Shelton.

In her op-ed in The Daily Telegraph this morning, Ms Forster asserted that the debate was not about changing the nature of marriage, and dismissed the claims that a change in the law would have an impact on ‘gender fluidity’’ and our children’s education as spurious:

Ms Forster’s comments, however, followed a speech in the Senate yesterday from Victorian Senator Janet Rice, in which Senator Rice said that the proposed changes had everything to do with gender fluidity. Senator Rice said:

‘People across the rainbow spectrum, not just same-sex couples but transgender people, people who are gender fluid, people of intersex statusthese are the people, all of these people, who will be treated as equal under the law in terms of being able to commit to the person that they love.’

“We know that the push for same-sex marriage is also about gender fluidity. That’s why in so many countries overseas, radical LGBTIQ sex and gender education hits schools after same-sex marriage is legalised,” said Mr Shelton.

“The ‘yes’ campaign knows this and should be honest with the Australian people about the consequences of redefining marriage; not only a push for gender fluidity, but the undermining of fundamental freedoms of religion and speech while radically changing sex education in schools,” said Mr Shelton.

“We are encouraging everyone to have a conversation with their families, friends and neighbours – it’s ok to say no,” he concluded.