A group of students who set up a stand with information about the ‘no’ campaign were the victims of a barrage of violence and verbal abuse by LGBTIQ activists at the University of Sydney yesterday. 

The small group of students, who offered a free barbecue lunch and as well as an invitation to engage in conversation about the postal ballot were physically assaulted, verbally abused and repeatedly shouted down with a megaphone, resulting in the police being called to intervene and calm the chaos.

The group were displaying the Coalition for Marriage ‘It’s ok to say no’ signs.

“This is just more of the same from LGBTIQ activists, who go to great lengths to shut down free speech,” Coalition for Marriage spokeswoman Monica Doumit said today.

“Universities should be a place where different opinions can and should be expressed without fear of abuse or attack.

“The students involved have told us that their tables were overturned and the food they offered thrown at them, and that threats were made and, in some instances, carried out.

“This type of activity makes us even more determined to make sure the Australian people are free to have their say on marriage and understand the severe consequences to changing the Marriage Act.

“People will see this for what it is: further proof that those pushing for same-sex marriage not only have no interest in, but utter disdain for, the freedoms of ordinary Australians.

“The best way to send a message to activists who seek to threaten freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of association in order to defend radical LGBTIQ sex and gender education in classrooms is to vote ‘no’,” Ms Doumit concluded.



Link to USYD Update live facebook video.

58:58 - Assault
1:51:30 - Assault
1:52:00 - "I want to stomp on your heads, it would be beautiful!" 1:52:46 - Assault
1:53:22 - Assault
1:54:35 - Assault