With the result of the marriage law plebiscite yet to be announced, same-sex marriage activists are already seeking to strip Christian and Muslim schools of their right to manifest their belief about marriage. 

Activists have convinced the WA Government to seek legal advice on how to coerce religious schools into ditching their vision for marriage using the threat of fines.

Coalition for Marriage spokesperson Lyle Shelton said this was ironic in the extreme given the Yes case said there would be no consequences for freedom of speech and religion and that No case claims to the contrary were “red herrings”.

“It is disappointing that same-sex marriage activists waited until voting closed before launching this action. It validates the concerns of millions of Australians who have voted No.”

Mr Shelton appealed to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull who recently said he believed in freedom of religion more than he believed in same-sex marriage to act to ensure there were no changes to private schools’ ability to live out their beliefs about marriage should the Yes case prevail.

“The Yes side said other Australians’ freedoms would not be affected by same-sex marriage.

“It is disappointing that same-sex marriage activists are not prepared to make reasonable accommodations for other peoples’ beliefs about marriage.

“Today’s action makes it even more important for the Parliament to ensure that the Yes campaign’s assertion that freedoms would not be affected is realised in any same-sex marriage bill, should the Yes case prevail,” Mr Shelton said.