“The Coalition for Marriage is encouraged by the already high numbers of Australians choosing to have their say on the same-sex marriage survey,” said Coalition for Marriage spokesman Lyle Shelton.


“The high turnout demonstrates that the Australian public understand the gravity of the decision before us, and that they know it has consequences for everyone. This is consistent with the overwhelming number of calls and emails from people all over Australia who are concerned about how same sex marriage will impact on schools, freedom of speech and freedom of religion. 

“Even so, the statistics released today tell us that one in two Australians are yet to participate in this survey, and we want to make sure everyone has their say. Half of the country is yet to make up its mind; this conversation is still wide open. 

“Our campaign will continue tirelessly until the final person casts their vote and the ballot closes. We will continue to encourage everyone to have a conversation with their families, friends and neighbours about the consequences of redefining marriage, and to tell them that it’s ok to say no.”