Join us for the SA Coalition for Marriage Event 

The marriage plebiscite is a referendum on consequences.

Changing the Marriage Act will affect you, your family and all Australians.

Many parents are concerned about their rights as radical gay sex education classes become more widespread and even compulsory.

Changing our marriage laws also gives licence to gay activists, weaponising anti-discrimination legislation and using it to stifle debate or dissent.

Leaders in the gay marriage movement have already sought to use human rights and anti-discrimination commissions to target religious figures who have spoken out against same-sex marriage.

The affects to freedom on speech and religious freedom, if the law is changed, will be significant.

Please join us as we come together for marriage in Adelaide!


September 19, 2017 at 7pm - 8:30pm
Adelaide Town Hall
128 King William St
Adelaide, SA 5000
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