Reports that cars drove nearly at full speed into activists outside a Brisbane church on Thursday evening were utterly false, the Coalition for Marriage said today. 

A representative from Queensland Police confirmed to a representative of the Coalition for Marriage that the young woman alleging she was injured following a car driving into the crowd had fallen over and, refusing medical assistance, chose to speak with reporters instead.

Media reports that any cars drove into the crowd close to full speed are completely untrue.

“This is another example of the appalling lengths LGBTIQ activists will go to shut down free speech,” Coalition for Marriage spokesman, Dr David van Gend said today.

“Despite rejecting any connection with same-sex marriage and radical LGBTIQ sex and gender education programs like Safe Schools, same-sex marriage activists turned out in droves last night in an attempt to shut down a discussion about Safe Schools.

“They blocked access to the hall in question, preventing access for those seeking to attend the meeting. They then chose to make some very serious allegations, dismissed as false by Queensland Police, as a way of excusing their bullying tactics.

“Just hours after the High Court cleared the way for the Australian people could have their say on marriage, LGBTIQ activists gathered in their hundreds to ensure that didn’t happen.

“People will see this for what it is: further proof that those pushing for same-sex marriage not only have no interest in, but utter disdain for, the freedoms of ordinary Australians.

“The best way to send a message to activists who seek to threaten freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of association in order to defend radical LGBTIQ sex and gender education in classrooms is to vote ‘no’,” Dr Van Gend concluded.