The Coalition for Marriage welcomed today’s decision by the High Court to allow the voice of the Australian people to be heard through the same-sex marriage postal vote. 

“We reiterate our support for a people’s vote as the most appropriate way to allow Australians to have their say on proposed changes to the definition of marriage,” said the Most Reverend Dr Glenn Davies, Anglican Archbishop of Sydney. “Australians deserve to have a say on a change to the foundational unit of our society.”

“A change in the marriage law has consequences for all Australians, and so it is only fair that all Australians are allowed to make their voice heard,” said the Most Reverend Anthony Fisher OP, Catholic Archbishop of Sydney. “A change in law has implications for individuals and institutions; everyone will be affected.”

“It is extraordinary that those pushing to redefine marriage went as far as taking the government to court to stop the Australian people having a say,” Damian Wyld, CEO of Marriage Alliance said.

“With the people’s vote now confirmed, the Coalition for Marriage will continue to provide the Australian people with information regarding the consequences of changing the Marriage Act for them and their family the impact on free speech, freedom of religion, and the rights of parents to have a say on whether their children are taught radical LGBTIQ sex and gender programs at school,” said Lyle Shelton, Managing Director of the Australian Christian Lobby.

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