Once gender is made irrelevant to the definition of marriage, lawmakers have no logical reason to insist that this irrelevance does not spread through the rest of society.

In the UK, this has been demonstrated in a number of new laws and government policies.

It was recently announced that the process to legally change gender would be streamlined, and any medical requirement – whether psychological, hormonal or surgical – would be removed.  All that will be required is for the person concerned to file a form declaring the change.

A media release from the Equalities Office and the Minister for Equalities described the ability to legally change gender with the stroke of a pen as “building on the progress” of the redefinition of marriage:

In 2013 the law was changed to allow same-sex couples to marry. Earlier this year, Turing’s Law was passed, posthumously pardoning men who had sex with men for these now abolished offences. And the recent election saw the highest number of openly lesbian, gay and bisexual MPs voted into Parliament. Today’s announcement looks to build on this progress.

The announcement makes it apparent that the UK government has accepted the recommendations made by LGBTI advocacy group, Stonewall, earlier in the year.

One of the changes were requested by Stonewall was the ability for people to use the gender marker “X” on their passports, identifying themselves as neither male nor female.

It is an extraordinary step for the UK government to make, particularly the concerns around national security and the potential for terrorists to use airplanes as weapons.  On the one hand, the government is doing everything it can to increase security measures around airports to keep its citizens safe from attacks.  But on the other, it is determined to accept unquestioningly the lobbying of LGBTI advocacy groups in order to be seen to be “building on the progress” of the redefinition of marriage.

Changes to the way gender is viewed in society, even to the point where it impacts things as serious as national security, is all part and parcel of the redefinition of marriage.