Fairfield Neighbourhood Visit

I invite you to join us in campaigning to support the NO vote to protect marriage. We understand that many of you may not like the idea of campaigning on such a controversial issue, that's why, if you're in two minds, you should consider that we are raising awareness in an area that will mostly be supportive.
In a voluntary vote such as this, it's all about reminding people to actually get involved and post their ballot- that's why it's important to show a presence in areas that are traditional, but where English may be a second language for many people. What we ask: If you are free for some part of the morning this Saturday; and would like to give some time towards the marriage cause in a friendly, pro-marriage area, meet us at 9am in front of Fairfield train station.
Depending on numbers, we will be conducting a/multiple street stall(s), in the nearby area as people shop. If numbers are large, we will arrange transport people to other nearby areas as well. At about 12-30 we wrap up and people can stay for some lunch.
This is not aimed at being a letter box dropping or door knocking campaign, it's about being visible and reminding people to get their NO ballots in.
Leaflets, shirts and corflutes will be provided by the Coalition for Marriage. We are organising this campaign day to show people in our local area that they are not alone in voting NO to gay marriage. It is imperative that we urge people to participate in this survey (and to vote NO) as the freedoms we have today are under threat and we can see this already manifesting.
Whilst we are respectful of all who may have same sex attraction, it is our duty to protect this long standing institution of marriage between one man and one woman. If you can attend, please send me an email to ask any questions, and to RSVP. Hope to see many there!
September 23, 2017 at 9am - 12pm
Front of Fairfield Station
King Street
Fairfield, NSW 2000
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Will you come?