The senators who voted ‘no’ or abstained on the same-sex marriage bill demonstrated a courageous commitment to the freedom of the Australian people, the Coalition for Marriage said today. 

“After witnessing a betrayal of promises made to all Australians that freedoms of speech, religion and parental rights would be protected in any same-sex marriage bill, the senators who voted against or abstained from voting in relation to the Labor/Greens/Smith bill did so in solidarity with Australians who will see those freedoms quickly disappear,” Coalition for Marriage spokesman Lyle Shelton said.

“In recent days, we have seen too many senators once again prioritise politics over the people. It is particularly disappointing that those who purport to defend freedoms did not stay true to those principles today.

“The senators who voted against or abstained from voting for the bill knew that the Labor/Greens/Smith bill would pass without amendment, but chose to vote in a way that was symbolic of their commitment to a ‘fair go’ for all Australians.

“We are grateful to them for doing all that they could, even up until the last moment in the Senate, to stand up for freedoms,” he concluded.